New to Fargo!


We’re about to drastically change the meaning of “Let’s Go Bowling”…  because here at Kingpinz, we only play HyperBowling.

What is


HyperBowling is a unique, interactive experience that is  like playing a physical video game on the lane. Every ball is different, and every turn brings a new challenge. Want to increase your score? Hit the colorful moving targets. The interactive environment has changing lights, changing targets and levels, and one single ball can change the winner! HyperBowling is exhilarating, fast paced, and FUN that lets everyone get in on the game! There are multiple HyperBowling games to select from, choose a favorite or play them all – You’re in control!

You’ve never experienced anything like HyperBowling!

How Does

It Work?
  • Roll the ball and hit a target on the lane
  • Each pin down is worth 100 points! 
  • Colorful targets are multipliers
  • So, a 3X multiplier and 9 pins down is worth 2,700 points!
  • Avoid anything RED 
  • Accumulate points to unlock more challenging levels! 
  • Plenty of unique and challenging games to choose from

Play once and you’re hooked!

See What the Hype is All About

Kingpinz is the first Family Entertainment Center to feature HyperBowling in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Gather your family, friends, or coworkers and join the fun today!